Chewy Tubes® are an innovative oral motor device designed to provide a resilient, non-food, chewable surface for practicing biting and chewing skills for children and adults.

Intended for individual use, Chewy Tubes® are non-toxic, latex free and lead free. In addition they do not contain PVC or phthalates. Chewy Tubes® colors are FDA approved.

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1. Q: What are Chewy Tubes®?

A: Chewy Tubes® are an innovative oral motor tool designed to develop biting and chewing skills. Chewy Tubes® were originally designed to be used with the Jaw Rehabilitation Program.

6. Q: What is the difference between the yellow and red Chewy Tube®?

A: The yellow Chewy Tube® has a narrower stem (3/8" outside diameter), while the red Chewy Tube® has a wider stem (1/2" outside diameter). The Knobby Tube provides additional oral sensory input.
2. Q: What are they made of?

A: Chewy Tubes® are made of a thermo-elastic polymer material, which is FDA Approved.

3. Q: Do Chewy Tubes® contain any latex?

A: No. Chewy Tubes® are latex-free. In addition, they do not contain any PVC, lead or phthalates.

7. Q: How does the size difference apply to function?

A: The yellow Chewy Tube® is used with a smaller jaw, typically an infant (9-10 months) or younger child, or it is used with an individual who cannot open his/her jaw very wide (clonus). In addition, the narrower, yellow, Chewy Tube® is used initially in treatment with children who are very defensive about oral tactile stimulation. The red Chewy Tube® is used with toddlers and older children who are status-post oral surgery.

4. Q: Can Chewy Tubes® be used in treatment for TMJ problems?

A: Chewy Tubes® are NOT recommended for individuals with TMJ issues. For these patients, referral to a Physical Therapist is recommended.

8. Q: How long will a Chewy Tube® last?

A: Chewy Tubes® last for thousands of chews. However, it is recommended that Chewy Tubes® be inspected before each use and replaced when signs of wear become visible.

5. Q: How are Chewy Tubes® used?

A: There are two parts to a Chewy Tube® : the T-shaped handle and the long bitable stem. The long stem of the Chewy Tube® is placed laterally in the mouth, so the patient can bite down on the bitable stem with the molar dentition, or gum ridge. The handle portion has corrugated ridges to assist the grasp, especially for patients who are visually impaired. Chewy Tubes® are not intended to be bitten on using the front dentition.

9. Q: Are Chewy Tubes® used with adults?

A: Yes. They are used with adults in skilled nursing facilities to preserve biting and chewing skills. They are used in treatment post oral surgery to keep mobility in the TMJ and post radiation treatment for oral cancer to help prevent trismus from developing and they are used in other oral motor treatment applications in the adult population.